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February Greens Newsletter

Whittle Springs GC February Greens Staff Newsletter

    As we head into late Winter, except for being a little wet in areas the course is holding up very well. The green grass that you see on the course in the fairways and rough is fescue and poa annua. When we spray we will be taking it out. January was an average month for precipitation and temperatures. I am sure that most of you have seen the major tree project that we have been conducting on the course. Every tree that we removed was done at no cost to the club. We were able to keep the project completely in house which was a huge accomplishment for our staff. When this phase is complete we will save the club $22,000. We have 3 more trees to remove behind #16 Tee. Two of them are being removed for the upcoming cart path renovation and one is being removed to open up the tee so it can be used for #18 during certain events. At the completion of this phase we will have removed 38 trees. We are pricing out and comparing prices for the stump grinding to see if it will be cost effective for us to complete that part of the project in house as well.

     One of our biggest concerns that we have moving forward is the drainage around certain greens and on #10/#18 fairways. We will start that project when cart path renovation is taking place so we are not inconveniencing the everyday golfer. Until we complete the drainage on #10 the second part of the hole will be cart path only.

     So we do not have any accidents on the course we will be building a set of  wooden steps coming off of the 17th green. We feel with it being so steep it has become a safety hazard.

     The long awaited, long overdue cart path renovation is scheduled to begin in early March. All of the details are not final yet and as they become final we will let you know.

     The city of Knoxville has been on the course weeding and seeding the creeks and pond. This is a huge help to us. It is a huge task that they are completing for us and very much appreciated.

     You can expect to see us gearing up in the next few weeks for the upcoming season.  We will begin to spray and start the aerification and top dressing process. This year we will be aerifying greens, collars, approaches and tees. The first aerification on the greens will not be as aggressive as the one in the summer will be. We will be using 3/8” core tines. We are trying to remove all of the built up organic matter that has accumulated over years and replace it with new sand.

    We are very excited and anxious to get this season started. We have a lot of changes to bring to the course to help move forward and to become everyones go to course in Knoxville. Some of those changes include re shaping fairways, tees and collars. We also will be changing the mowing heights on all of the course this year as compared to years in the past. Our reasons for doing this is for pace of play and agronomics. The times are past here at Whittle Springs where people think that the course is a ranch. The course is moving to the next level. Starting in the Spring all of the par 3 holes will become cart path only. We will be placing cart traffic stakes around the greens to keep carts from being to close to and driving around the greens. Once the cart path is complete we will be adding a ball washer to every other hole.

     As we gear up and become busier on a daily basis for the upcoming season we will be out on the course more. We will be in range and in sight a lot more than we have been in the Winter so please be aware that we are out there. We will do everything to not inconvenience anyone and allow your time on the course to be enjoyable. You can follow us on Facebook at Whittle Springs Greens.  That page will be updated to what the conditions of the course are and the projects that we are completing.  We look forward to meeting anyone that we have not yet met.  If you have any questions feel free to stop and ask any one of us.