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Whittle Springs Greens Newsletter

Whittle Springs GC April Greens Staff Newsletter

    We came out of February which was one of the worst months for weather in this area in a very long time into March which was a up and down type of month with temperatures above and below average and above normal precipitation. Although the weather was not cooperating with us the course has faired well. We feel that from tee to green the course is in the best shape that it has been in many years. You may have noticed some discoloration in the greens. No need to worry, there is no damage to the greens. The streaking that you see was caused by the covers. With the snow/ice pack and wind on them for almost 1 month it caused the covers to ripple and overlap in areas which provided an extra barrier/protection to the green. As we come out of dormancy and move forward this will grow out.

     We have started to prepare for the upcoming season by completing our first spraying of the tees, fairways and roughs. We also have completed our pre - emergent and fertilization of the tees, fairways and roughs. We will complete our first spraying of the greens on April 6th. As we continue to break dormancy we will pick up our mowing schedule. Right now we are only mowing and rolling as needed. During the season you can expect us to mow greens Monday – Wednesday, Friday - Sunday. We will roll the greens when needed. We will verti cut, mow and topdress the greens every Monday. We will also use Monday as our spraying day. We are going to try to conduct all of our spraying in the evenings as to not affect the pace of play for the golfers. Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will mow fairways, intermediate rough, collars and approaches. On Tuesday and Thursday we will mow tees. We will move tee markers daily and change the pins on Tuesday – Sunday. The rough will be mowed Monday – Friday. Thursday will be used as a cleanup day. On this day all of the weed eating, weeding flower beds, etc will be conducted. The water coolers will be changed and filled daily.  This schedule is just a template and is all depending on weather, outings and tournaments. We will make changes as needed. You may have noticed the stained 4x4’s on either side of the approaches. These posts are cart traffic markers. When you get to a marker we ask that you go directly to the path and not past the marker or behind the green. Also from here on out all of the par 3’s will be cart path only. Once the cart path project is complete we will be mounting signs instructing you of that. We are in the process of building new tee signs to replace the old ones. These will also be mounted after the path project along with a ball washer on every other hole. We also plan to construct new water cooler stations this season.

     As we move forward we will be working on removing the rest of the cut up trees that are still on the course. We plan to aerify on April 13th/14th, weather depending. The greens, collars and approaches will be done first. We will be using 3/8” hollow core tines at 2” spacing. The tees will be completed after using ½” hollow core tines at 2” spacing.

     We are very excited as a staff and expecting a very great season this year. We plan to give you the best playing conditions possible on a daily basis. We plan to make some needed changes and improvements that will make your time and round here at Whittle Springs more enjoyable. Please feel free to stop me on the course, in the clubhouse or come to my office any time if you have any concerns or questions.  It will be my pleasure to help you. If I am unavailable please stop one of my staff and they will assist you.